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IHT: Opining without Reading

February 15, 2008

Dear Editors

Wouldn’t it be wiser for columnists to read first about what they want to write, rather than rely purely on soundbites and media-generated hearsay?

Mona Eltahawy, in “Delusions in Canterbury” (IHT, Feb 15) says about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ideas on Shari’a law that “words are especially cheap“, and “he probably thinks his ‘tolerance’ for Shariah is progressive“. She even wonders “whose version of Shariah he meant“.

There is no need for wondering or probability. Archbishop Williams originally gave a thoughtful lecture on the topic, as part of a series, on February 7. The lecture is available online and consists of 8 densely-written pages, where many if not all of the objections have already been answered.

Perhaps it was the length, combined with the complexity of the topic: or perhaps it was the objective difficulty in translating a long and reasoned argument into a few journalistic words. In any case, anybody reading the original will be able to understand how much the Archbishop’s thoughts have been distorted in hundreds and hundreds of reports.

Shari’a law, Muslim integration in Europe, the status of women and gays are very serious topics. I just wish Ms Eltahawy and everybody seriously considering them will make a point of finding the time to explore proposals such as Archbishop Williams’ fully and on the original sources, instead of by whatever appears on TV or newspapers.


Classically Liberal: Archbishop says some Sharia law in England should be passed

February 15, 2008

The fact that the Archbishop’s words were condemned from each and every side should have alerted to the other fact, that he may have actually said something else, and something thoughtful.

The “problem” is that the Archbishop explained his ideas in 8 pages full of words: and those were simply too much for journalists to comprehend. So they went for a completely misleading soundbite, and all sorts of people and politicians jumped in commenting: but they were commenting the soundbite, not the Archbishop’s thoughts.

As further evidence for this, with each passing day the brouhaha is steadily dying down: one wonders how many simply needed such a period of time, to read and digest the original speech.

BBC Have Your Say: Should UK adopt aspects of Sharia Law?

February 8, 2008

Way too many people are ready to comment without bothering to read the original source. Dr Williams’ lecture is intelligent, thoughtful, humble, and single-handedly describes the basis for solving the Islamic Question in Western societies. Rarely have I seen a document more profoundly Christian, in the best possible sense of the word. The number and virulence of the ill-informed attacks against Dr Williams is a clear indication of how much Islamophobia has now become “mainstream”.