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Polar Defense Project: End in Sight

September 6, 2008

The more I look at this, the more it reminds me of people waving Tibetan flags and speaking in favor of the Tibetan cause. They have done for decades now, and look what good they have done to Tibet (=zilch).

Whoever does the “raise awareness” bit, they surely feel much better afterwards. Still, Tibet remains in its troubles, just like the the North Pole will. Whatever those troubles truly are.

Raising awareness is not the same as raising money for a charity by swimming the Atlantic or climbing Everest in the buff: because that money can be easily turned into something tangible, whilst the awareness is literally just hot air.

ps I don’t think 81N can be classified as an “achievement”, given the starting point. The only way to do less would have been had the Svalbards been ice-locked in August-September.

Accuweather Global Warming Blog: Surface Temperatures Correlate to Ice Free region

October 2, 2007

I find it amusing that people reading the Accuweather web site would find “temperature” so important “per se”.

As any metereologist would explain (feel free to correct me, Brett), if it’s “hot” in a place (eg the North Pole) it must be because something is happening in the skies above, such as an increase of cloud-free areas, or winds bringing warmer air in this case obviously from the South.

I doubt that anybody would believe that CO2 molecules are actually floating around above the pole reflecting IR radiation and directly causing the temperature increases/ice melting/etc etc.

Clouds and winds in turn are regulated by atmospheric circulation.

Therefore to prove that AGW or whatever is causing ice-free areas at the pole, then it must be shown how AGW or whatever is causing those particular conditions of clouds and winds. I don’t think there is anything of the sort in any of the models, at the moment