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Accuweather Global Warming: A Regional Assessment of Climate Change Impacts

February 4, 2008

There is a giant reporting bias in the MARA findings and I wonder if I am the only one able to spot it (or otherwise, if I am just very wrong on this point).

For example on “Human Health” there is no mention of the obvious reduction in cold-related deaths. At least, I hope there has been some reduction. Actually, if there has been none, THEN that would be a major finding on its own

The trouble is that one cannot simply say “let’s look at the changes” and then report _any_ change that is seen, and especially the bad ones. There is lots that keeps changing every day every where, but each particular item may or may not be of any significance.

Observations should follow some underlying hypothesis. Otherwise, everything that changes is going to be a “finding”: worse, there will be all the chance for a “pick and choose” of findinds in one direction or another.