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Accuweather Global Warming: World Temperature Analysis so far this Year

December 17, 2007

Hansen acknowledges that different groups may come up with different results regarding global temperatures.

How different? The HadCRUT set says something so completely different from the GISS statement, one wonders if they are referring to the same planet

If you go there you’ll see the southern ocean temperatures in November are the second-lowest in 16 years, and the only notable warming is in northern landmasses (2nd highest level in the record). Everything else is around or below the median values for more than one decade.

Brett: I understand you are “moderating” but there must be one person at Accuweather allowed to perform computations and report their results…why don’t you identify such a person and ask to report sometimes in January or February on what the various data sets (NOAA, GISS, HadCRUT, etc) actually say, regardless of what their proprietors claim they are saying?