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Complex System of Pipes: Hey Joe – Asian Babes, Honour Killings and Liberal Racism

February 13, 2008

Thank you Dave for the link.

I have published in the past my worries about the brewing of anti-Muslim sentiments

As for media bias, there is a very good essay from the Skeptics society I have just blogged about. It shows all that’s wrong with journalism, and not just on The Independent.


BBC Any Questions: A future Holocaust of Muslims?

February 7, 2008

Posted on their website on Feb 11, 2006

HiThe Western reaction to the brouhaha about those idiotic Danish cartoons makes me worry that a Holocaust of Muslims is indeed a possibility

I am an European Christian and I do value freedom and freedom of expression. I have been supporting Amnesty International for most of the last 20 years

People talk about those cartoons as if they had come about out of thin air, but they haven’t.

For example, still to this day there is no Danish Muslim cemetery. Anti-immigration, hence anti-muslim parties are in the Danish government. And when Danish Muslims collected a 17,000-signature petition to protest about the original publication of the cartoons, all they got back was anonymous drawings of the Prophet Muhammad with the face of a pig

Those attitudes are not confined to Denmark. And the reaction of most people in the West has been indeed about flaunting the “superiority” of western culture to all others, and about making no distinction between millions and millions of peaceful Muslims and a handful of violent protesters

I haven’t seen a single analyst suggesting that there is indeed a Muslim Question now in Europe, akin to the Jewish Question of times past and ultimately linked to the fact that “superior Western Culture” (especially European) cannot deal with the concept of properly respecting, or even letting exist an “alien” minority in their midst

Look at what happened to indigenous Americans in the North and the South, to the Aborigines in Australia. Think what happened to the Jews.

And then you can start understanding why a “cartoon” is not the manifestation of freedom of speech, but further evidence that the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims by fellow European countrymen is a distinct future possibility as the Crime of the XXI Century