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IHT Letters: Unintended irony on the October 11 print edition

October 14, 2007

From: “Maurizio Morabito”
Subject: Unintended irony on the October 11 print edition of the IHT
To: “Letters IHT”

Dear Editors

May I point out some (unintended?) irony on the October 11 print edition of the IHT.

On the front page, Luminaries talk in Potsdam about global warming (“Nobel laureates feel validation on climate change“, by Mark Landler).

Rajendra Pachauri, the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is reported as saying that “the latest findings…ought to settle the debate about whether humans are making the planet a dangerously warmer place.”

Meanwhile in the Healtgh&Science section of that very same edition, John Tierney reports on “How ‘fat is bad’ theory became a mistaken consensus“.

Remarkably, just a few years ago “92 percent of the world’s leading doctors” believed in what we now know was in fact “mistaken consensus“.

Why would the situation be any different about the currently fashionable, overwhelming agreement that anthropogenic climate change is effectively undergoing, is anybody’s guess.