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Daily Mail: The heartbreaking picture of the polar bears…

September 3, 2008

(Comment to “The heartbreaking picture of the polar bears“, Daily Mail, Aug 31)

Much of this article by Mr Wigmore is likely to be not actually true, but “embellished reality”. The WWF site in the USA has not published any new news since Aug 21, the day the bears were spotted. I am sure we would have heard and seen a lot from those bears, if anybody were following them or had any news about their whereabouts and wellbeing.

Simply, nobody knows if they are lost at sea, if they plunged into the ocean, if they all lived on a single ice float that then melted, which direction they are going, how far is land or ice, etc etc.

Many people around the world have been needlessy made to worry about these nine bears. This cannot be right. I urge Mr Wigmore to check things as they are, with the WWF in the USA but also from other sources, and correct this article accordingly


Accuweather Global Warming Blog: Surface Temperatures Correlate to Ice Free region

October 2, 2007

I find it amusing that people reading the Accuweather web site would find “temperature” so important “per se”.

As any metereologist would explain (feel free to correct me, Brett), if it’s “hot” in a place (eg the North Pole) it must be because something is happening in the skies above, such as an increase of cloud-free areas, or winds bringing warmer air in this case obviously from the South.

I doubt that anybody would believe that CO2 molecules are actually floating around above the pole reflecting IR radiation and directly causing the temperature increases/ice melting/etc etc.

Clouds and winds in turn are regulated by atmospheric circulation.

Therefore to prove that AGW or whatever is causing ice-free areas at the pole, then it must be shown how AGW or whatever is causing those particular conditions of clouds and winds. I don’t think there is anything of the sort in any of the models, at the moment