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The Economist: The return of Silvio Berlusconi

April 18, 2008

The Economist has devoted so much ink to Berlusconi during the election campaign (compared, say, to Veltroni), one would be tempted to think the esteemed magazine pretends to hate the guy but it’s actually in love with Silvio…

I firmly believe Veltroni had no intention to win this time around (with a Party still in its infancy, and no definite opinion on any topic, still half-way between the Christian Democrats and the Communists of old). Veltroni’s main (and achieved) aim was to kill off everything on his left.

Berlusconi on the other hand in all likelihood will never again have to run for popularly-elected office: he now has three to four years to gather enough support in Parliament to become President of the Italian Republic, so it would be rather foolish for him to run down the country.


The Economist: Nuclear vs. Coal power plants: from one kind of waste to another

September 11, 2007

Dear Editors

regarding “Nuclear power-Atomic renaissance“, The Economist, Sep 6th 2007:

Isn’t it deeply ironic that “the current expansion of nuclear power”, based on lowering emissions of greenhouse gases, “is unlikely to be slowed down by concerns about what to do with the waste”?