A Quantum Diaries Survivor: Latorre, please resign!

Perhaps Tommaso could explain that in Italian politics it is customary to declare oneself “anthropologically stranger” to one’s opponent, as if there were two or more, mutually-incompatible human subspecies inhabiting Italy.

In that political climate, “passing a suggestion to the other side” is akin to a shepherd deliberately helping the nearby wolves stay fit and numerous.

You can see it from the language used: “belligerent”, “dirty maneuvers”, “misconduct”…

In any case, the Latorre episode is just one of many in the ongoing war among different strains of Leftists, after heavy losses at the April 2008 Parliamentary Elections. Plenty of theatrics are in store for the future, for sure.

ps some readers may wonder why freemasonry would deserves a place between “septs” (I think Tommaso means “sects”) and “mafia”…another very Italian peculiarity!!!


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