digitaltoast: Bash The Bishop

What I find supremely odd is that few have tried to read Dr Williams’ lecture.

No need to be upset: just make the effort of checking out what he’s said in the first place, will you?

Maurizio Morabito wrote a comment on February 8, 2008

> Is it possible that I might just have taken the time to listen to
> the full interview, and still be of the opinion that the Archbishop
> has said something incredibly divisive and foolish?

It certainly could be the case…however. it is quite unlikely, as there is no evidence you or any of the detractors I have seen on the BBC site have tried to quote or comment any of his actual arguments. Please let me know if and when that happens

Maurizio Morabito wrote a comment on February 8, 2008

> Is that the way to a sound multicultural society?

And why not? Of course with plenty of caveats regarding the implementation. For example a Sharia court could intervene only when both parties agree to that. And where Sharia law, as coded by British Muslim scholars and authorities, were to disagree with British law, the latter would prevail. And so on and so forth: all stuff that is quite common regarding Inuit communities in Canada. And nobody believes Canada is breaking apart.

Dr Williams has explicitly mentioned the possibility of moving post-Enlightenment law customs beyond their original anti-despotism stance. It is a definite possibility, to which he devotes a sizable part of his lecture. Please read, read, read!!

Maurizio Morabito wrote a comment on February 8, 2008

Last point for tonight: about the Islamophobia. Can’t you see the absolute disproportionate reaction to Dr Williams’ words? And one believed we were in a free society. Why all this mobbing, I cannot understand: or perhaps I can, if I see it as inspired by Islamophobia. People read “sharia”, think “Iran” or “Taleban”, and reply to that. Truly there is no space for an intelligent exchange.

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