Bad Astronomy: The supernatural does not exist

Great comments by the Centipede indeed.

And plenty to think about.

I do go myself a bit further than that, because I do believe that “rational atheism” can be considered as a religion.

Since we are here there has to be something that caused us to be. Either we accept the agnosticist’s point, and that “something” is not knowable, or we have to accept the existence of some sort of Deity (or deity). If you believe there is no “God” then it must be Luck or Chance or Whatchamacallit that got you here: so Luck, Chance, or whatever _is_ your “God”…

All in all Dawkins et al.’s worst mistake in going on the attack against any form of belief may just be that what they are inadvertently attacking is the very idea of being human. Because to be a person means to believe in something.

Perhaps you really really want to define all your life but sticking to strictly scientific means (repeatable, testable, falsifiable, etc etc): then you have to _believe_ that’s the way to do it.

How can it be otherwise? Who is going here to reason that there is one belief-independent Truth in how to conduct oneself?

That said, of course, as the BA says, everything that happens in the Universe has to be testable. Hence religious people trying to find “evidence” for God are fallacious indeed


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